BOOTSTRAP for Addiction is built on the one thing that nobody is talking about.


Addiction has an Achilles Heel.


And just as important, if you understand where this weak point is and how to attack it, you can literally change the entire trajectory of your recovery.


In the BOOTSTRAP program, it all starts with our new model for understanding addiction that will help you zero in on the areas where addiction’s grip can be most effectively broken.


You’ll then combine your new understanding with our five-stage brain-training process and an entire range of techniques from mindfulness and yoga to bring cravings under control.

This proven process will help you neutralize unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and impulses, and put you on the path to healing and wholeness—for life.





Addiction is triggered in the brain, and more specifically, by the feelings of craving the brain creates in the body.


That means, if we can rewire how the brain reacts to certain triggers, we can begin to rob addiction of the power it relies on to drive our actions.


This “rewiring” is made possible by something scientists call neuroplasticity, a term referring to the changeable nature of the brain which allows it to be trained to react to our world in new and more helpful ways.


BOOTSTRAP employs a unique five-stage brain-training process that will help you to rewire your brain's reactions and cut off addiction’s power at its source.

Within the first week

I was feeling more calm

and more in control of

my cravings.

Duane F.

I feel so much calmer and happier. The BOOTSTRAP process has been a real gift!

Jennifer Q.

BOOTSTRAP teaches you how to know when to let go of those things you can't control.

Steven M.

PROGRAM - $399*

* Payment plans available during checkout.

BOOTSTRAP Stress-management is free for service members and veterans of the U.S. Military. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


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